Tuesday, June 16, 2009

global warming

The earth’s climate has been in a constant state of change throughout history. Even though we’ve had an ice age our planet has also gone through longer periods of warmth. Over a couple hundred years now the Earths average temperature has been on a steady rise. This steady rise is known as global warming and can be related to that of the industrial revolution. The burning of fossil fuels are humans dependent for energy sources. Coal and oil produce greenhouse gases, such as CO2, into our atmosphere. The gases do not allow for heat to escape into space, such as glass panels do for greenhouses. Half of the CO2 emissions come from energy sources and a third from our transportation that we rely on daily. Thus this major change called global warming is causing many effects on our daily lives, wildlife, and the environments of humans and wildlife.
Since the 1980’s glacier retreat has became increasingly rapid and is threatening the existence of many glaciers in the world. The total surface area of glaciers has decreased by about fifty percent. The loss of glaciers not only causes landslides, flash floods, and glacial lake over flows but also a variation on water flows in rivers.
Many areas around the world are on a flood defense due to the rise in sea level. Many boarding countries of seas are at a greater risk of floods due to the depletion of glaciers. These areas are more susceptible to floods so they have to be ready to defend the flooding in their area. Many of the poorer countries are already experiencing living in flooded lands due to the global warming.
Another effect of global warming is on agriculture. Farmers will be faced with droughts and other natural disasters. Diseases and fungi will attack crops due to the colder climates not being able to fight off the disease. The diseases will lower the quality and production of crops. Also farmers may have to turn to harsh chemicals to treat the diseases and fungi. Also natural disasters, such as flooding, drought, and hailstorms, will affect the existing crops as global warming worsens.
The increase of global temperatures means that ecosystems will change. Some species are being forced out of their natural habitats, with possible extinction. For instance, many species of the Artic and Antarctic fauna, such as polar bears or emperor penguins are being forced out of their habitats. These animals prefer to hunt on ice and with the ice melting they have to find anterior motives of finding food. So with this lessening of ice, warmer temperatures the species that live in the cold environments with ice are being forced out of the area in search of ice and are also being forced to change their way of life.
The most significant effect of global warming is on humans. The heat itself is affecting humans. Extreme heat increases the number of deaths on a given day. Many people with heart problems can be greatly affected because their cardiovascular systems must work harder than usual to cool the body down during the hot weather. This hot weather causes heat exhaustion and respiratory problems. Some doctors warn that global warming may cause an increase in cardiovascular disease and deaths.
So with global warming increasing the effects on the environment, humans, and wildlife is increasing greatly and becoming more sever. Everyone has to be on the lookout with global warming. Farmers have to watch their crops. Environmentalist need to be concerned with the environment. Also wildlife activist need to be more concerned on the effects of the wildlife.

Monday, June 15, 2009

just a little about me ?!?!

Well first off I wouldnt be doing this if my good friend/ boss and i hadn't had a talk today. The talk on how i stand on certain issues and everything else i tend to ramble about. Secondly i will state right now that my grammar sucks so dont expect it at all!

Now ill tell you about some of the issues i may actually talk about ..... global warming... polar bears.... giraffes... stem cells research... cancer things.... health things that interest me.... the cleveland indians.... and anything that just might happen during my day that i want to share.

Im not like alot of these bloggers who want to be writers. i dont write for crap! other than research papers!

Ok enough about hating to write and crap and a little more about me ... heck why not right!?
ummm i have issues i just am really not sure what they are yet! ok so im going to school for nursing which who freakin knows i may be 85 by the time i get there!

Why nursing? well i have an amazing inspiration.... i call her my MOM ..... when i was in the 8th grade she was diagnosed with brain and lung cancer. i remember the days like it was yesterday i remember her telling me the doctor called the morning before i went to school and asked if she was ever a smoker because the mri shows something on the brain and they wanted to do a another scan on the lungs i was scared she was scared i didnt want to go to school but i had to. i didnt shed a tear till my friend alex's grandma came to get us for school and i stepped out of the house and cried. i went into the school and i was sitting there in the gym before school started with every other student the ones who were sooo stupid the ones who smelled the ones who just didnt fit in and then there was me with my friends trying to act like nothing was bothering me! i went to like two classes that morning i was sittin in my science class and i just wanted to cry! and then i get a check out slip i felt as though my life flashed before my eyes .... i asked if my friend from that class could walk to my locker with me and with me about in tears he let her .... were walking to my locker and i remember looking at her and telling her im to scared to go ... she gave me a hug told me it will be ok and to call her if i needed anything. i walk in and my sister is waiting for me who looked as though she had been crying! she said we need to go home... were walking and and my first question was is everything ok? and she began to cry and huged me my sister never gives hugs and she said the docotor called there sending her down to columbus brittany mom has cancer! my heart stopped the tears began to fall... we cried all the way home and i wiped my tears and walked into the house. mom was sitting there with my cousins daughter hannah who was about 5 at the time mom baby sat her . dad was on his way home and they had to take off to columbus to a hospital there my sister and i stayed home to watch hannah then we took off that night. its something you never want to hear a loved on is going to go through. she had an awesome team of doctors nurses and everyone else. when it was my jr year of high school she was on a good 2 years or remission when she was notified her cancer was back ... she looked at me and said ive fought it once i will fight it again! this wont stop me or this family im a fighter and that she was. i missed alot of school to help out and take her to columbus to her chemo appts and her nurses there were awesome! she had her favorite nurse her name was deb which was moms name too well debbie but deb for short and i remember mom looking at me and saying brittany i want you to be a great nurse like her help everyone who is sick. mom always fought she fought till she couldnt fight no more and it was around may of 07 when everything went down hill the cancer attacked the adrenal glands, lymph nodes and then the liver! then when it took over the liver it took her life i lost my mom june 3, of 07 she was the strongest women i ever met i love and miss her and i want to fulfill her thoughts of becoming that nurse just like nurse deb! my mom is my biggest inspiration!

well now that my tears are flowing im going to tell you another thing im a huge sports fan. i love the cleveland indians which i will talk about alot! and the buckeyes! speaking of the indians at the current moment im watching them and there losing 13-12 bottom of the 8th maybe be the end of this i will tell you if it was a win or lose! and what about the cavs talking about shaq who knows maybe cleveland will be awesome next year in football basketball and baseball and maybe even the bums will step it up too!

family is really important to me too well most of them hehe my sister shes well idk nuts! sometimes! and controlling and im just not sure what else you can call her!

i like the out doors bring on the snow its gettin hot out! and also camping and fishing and even laying out in the grass with a pillow and kelly!

i buy shoes alot! i may just have to tell you about them when i get a new pair but it might be a while i just got a pair friday nice white pumas!

now im rambling ahh what friends can do to you!

now i just might have to tell you next time about..........

indians game going int of the top of the 9th 14-12 brewers were toast! toodles for now!